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Honey is known to be a gift of nature. In the traditional sense, honey is a way to cure various diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Varieties of bees can be seen around us and the honey produced by each of them is of different kinds. The colour, smell, taste, texture, and quality of each honey vary depending on the diversity of trees, flowers, and nature. Bfills is now here to introduce these different tastes of honey to you. Moreover, Bfills is making an effort to bring forward more than 12 value-added products into your hands with freshness, which also includes the panaceas used by the ancients that are made up of nutrient-rich fruits, berries, and spices. Overall we aim to introduce and activate in people, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet.

About us

Did you know…? How Does Bee Make Honey?

The Way It's Made Is The Thing That Makes Honey Really Amazing.

From the Garden

Worker bees using their proboscis sucks up nectar flowers over a hundred of them on one foraging trip with saliva honey stored in a special sac called the honey stomach once it's full, it ventures out back to the hive.

Through the Tummy

At the hive, house bees take up the nectar from the foraging worker bees and start the honey-making process, chewed and passed from Bee to Bee that enzymes change its PH and other chemical properties and meanwhile dehydrate.

To the Hexagons

Storage is the final step. It is deposited into the cells of the honeycomb and each cell is capped with beeswax and the honeycomb which is hexagon in shape has the maximum utilisation of space.